VILAS Academy follow-up program

Vilas Academy New tool: Distance Follow- Up program 

Improving the impact of training through effective monitoring

Apart from the resident players, every week players from many different countries come to our academy, who join the academy to train and improve during specific periods according to the availability of vacations or weeks and months between competitions.

Thanks to our  with National Federations or clubs from different countries for years we have created a follow up and development program, with which we have obtained great results with continuous development of the players, the last one is LI HANWEN, current Top 10 ITF Junior World Ranking,

We make available the VILAS Academy Distance Follow-up Program, the monitoring tool used to assist all our players wherever they are, and that allows the exchange of knowledge even if the coach and the player are not in the same physical environment.


How does it work? How can we help?


Training never ends for a tennis player, which is why our coaches are now also available for  consultation sessions, through different online tools, to assist each player throughout the season.

Our coaches are already know you from your visit to the academy , and can continue to help you: providing different tips, routines, or analyzing your game video, which add to improving your level or overcoming an adverse game situation.

We have a unique ingredient: every detail that Guillermo Vilas has left us through his own experiences included on our methodology and his legacy.

The program also seeks collaboration with the coach and / or club of each player, a fundamental link in the training of each player.

We believe in teamwork, and our goal will be to help in this continuous training process.


Who can join the VILAS Academy follow-up program?


Any player who has performed in our weekly training programs and who wants to continue improving!

No matter what level or skills you participate in, there are always new challenges to keep progressing.

This monitoring program has no additional cost.

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