High Performance program Mallorca

Long term application 2024 2025


Opportunity for tennis players to feel and sense the excitement of pro tennis while receiving a high performance tennis training program.
For each player, the Academy offers assistance, training and a special program leading to the creation of a personal program according to the player’s age and level. This program also includes: personal technical tutor, specific physical training program, psychological follow-up, coach managed games and periodic player evolution reports. The academy offers accommodation services and transport services for the players included in the competition program.
VILAS High performance means: ambitious work, discipline and full dedication. Guillermo Vilas Tennis Academy is highly personalized and therefore it has a limited number of places.
The academy works with each player in order to get the best performance of each one. Academy staff work with each player:
*Specific techniques to improve every shot of the game
*Physical training sessions on court, designed for every age and level
*Search for the pattern of play for each player
*Development of winning mentality

General conditions Registration and fees
Registration and payment method conditions are described in the payment form section. All applicants must show proof of payment before entering the academy.
Rules and regulations It is the applicant’s full responsibility to comply with academy rules. Any violation of the regulations will impose penalties up to and including exclusion from the academy.
Use of prohibited drugs
The use of illegal drugs or consumption of tobacco or alcohol is totally prohibited at VILAS academy. Any breach of this rule will lead to exclusion.
Applicants cancellation or withdrawal from VILAS academy program In case of voluntary departure from the candidate or his parents, VILAS Academy will have to be informed by delivery recorded letter. The candidate is obliged to pay VILAS academy for the full amount of the program chosen as described in the payment form section,
In case of an injury longer than 1 month, the period not used will be credited to use in other dates
In the case of the exclusion, no refund will be given with or without cancellation insurance.
Force majeure
VILAS academy shall not be obliged to compensate the applicant when cancellation is due to “force majeure” or reasonable causes. The latter is understood as circumstances beyond the control of those who refer to them, which are unusual, and have consequences that are unavoidable, despite having acted with due diligence.
VILAS academy shall provide each applicant with its general liability insurance coverage. Insurance covering medical expenses not included with the program.
Applicant’s medical treatment It is the parents’ responsibility to disclose any medical information, which could result in a problem during sports activities. In case medical treatment or surgery must be performed, VILAS academy will contact parents immediately and take the decisions most appropriate for the applicant’s health.
Use of applicant’s image VILAS academy has the right to use any photos or articles about the applicant.
Sponsor VILAS In the absence of other equivalent contracts, each player agrees to wear VILAS academy logo on his(her) match shirts.
Each player understands and agrees that he represents VILAS academy at all times on campus and during trips. He(she) therefore commits to represent VILAS academy and its values to the best of his(her) abilities.
I have read, understand and accept the general conditions of VILAS academy and understand that any breach of these rules may lead to my (the) exclusion (of my child).